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The Mission of the Empowering Pastoral Leaders (EPL) Project is “to develop pastoral leaders who have a solid foundation in financial literacy and appropriate skills in leadership and management so that their ministries flourish and parishioners grow as disciples”.   EPL also offers grants to priests, deacons serving on parish staffs and lay ecclesial ministers dealing with personal debt issues.

EPL offers these training programs:

Villanova – Certificate in Church Management (eLearning)

Villanova’s Center for Church Management enables current and future church leaders to steward the human, financial, and other resources of the church by teaching business best practices in a Christian context of mission and ministry. They offer a Certificate in Church Management, as well as conducting programs in church management throughout the year. Villanova offers a series of 12 – 90-minute web seminars that offer participants the most current Church management practices designed uniquely for faith-based organizations.

National Leadership Roundtable (Classroom and eLearning)

Leadership Roundtable promotes best practices and accountability in the management, finances, communications, and human resource development of the Catholic Church in the U.S. including greater incorporation of the expertise of the laity. They bring together leaders from the worlds of business, finance, academia, philanthropy, nonprofit organizations, and the Church, to serve the Catholic Church. Leadership Roundtable serves the Church through their programs, their collection of best practices, and their consultancy services.

Lake Institute on Faith and Giving (Classroom)

Assists pastors and PLCs and their ministry leaders to turn the conversation from money to generosity exploring cultural change within a parish.   Their programs prepare participants to increase weekly offering and prepare for capital campaigns.

Archdiocese of Indianapolis (classroom & eLearning)

The Archdiocese of Indianapolis offers internal programs to their employees, both optional and required.  These include programs from the Intercultural Pastoral Institute on pastoral leadership, promoting human dignity in the Church Workplace, and Pete the Planner on financial management.

EPL offers this grant program with supplemental financial education: 

Ministerial Excellence Fund

This fund will provide grants to priests, deacons serving on parish staffs and lay ecclesial ministers dealing with personal debt issues.  These issues could be caused by, for example, student loans and catastrophic illness. Helping clergy and lay ecclesial ministers resolve personal debt helps them become more effective ministers.  This program also offers free financial education for employees and their spouses.

More details on these programs are available by contacting Dan Krodel at dkrodel@archindy.org or 317-236-1562.

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