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My House Archindy logoWelcome to the homepage for My House Archindy!  This effort is an outreach of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis.  My House Archindy seeks to help those affected by the scourge of pornography--especially by highlighting virtue and virtuous living.

Virtues in general and specifically the virtue of chastity help us keep pornography out of our life.  Chastity "provides for the successful integration of sexuality within the person leading to the inner unity of the bodily and spiritual being (Catechism of the Catholic Church 2337).  Rather than retreating from the real world, when we practice virtue including chastity we enjoy life as God intends in accordance with Jesus' desire that we "might have life and have it more abundantly" (John 10:10).

Living virtuously by God's grace is the best way to avoid becoming entangled in what can accurately be described as a mess:  involvement with internet pornography, time and energy wasted on unchaste pursuits, spiritual and many additional types of damage done to individuals as well as families.  Rather than just being against pornography, My House Archindy provides positive assistance for all who strive to live in God-pleasing ways.

On this webpage you'll find resources to help accurately assess pornography's influence on one's life, to avail oneself of much assistance in fighting the good fight of virtuous living, to reach out for guidance and counseling if needed so as not to feel shamefully alone in any struggles related to porn.  Specifically our My House Archindy page features:

                   Healing and Support Educational Resources Internet Filtering

Virtue simply means a good habit of thought and deed.  Make it a habit to visit this page regularly--encouraging many others to visit as well!  Again--welcome to My House Archindy where by God's grace you'll acquire a greater ability fulfill the positive potential He has blessed us with throughout life.  May this resource be used in good health, helping visitors continue to pursue true and lasting happiness.

Confessional cards available to priests! (Download example here)

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