CIMC (Committee of Intercultural Ministry Coordinators)

This committee is formed by coordinators of the different cultural ethnic communities present in the Archdiocese. The purpose of this committee is to plan, promote, and support programs, ministries, and events offered by the Intercultural Ministry Office.

Dcn. Mike Braun, Director of Pastoral Ministries Secretariat
Pearlett Springer, Coordinator Black Catholic Ministry
Oscar Castellanos, Coordinator Hispanic Ministry
Fr. Minh Duong, Coordinator Vietnamese Ministry
Mrs. Rita Si Si Lwin, Myanmar/Burmese Ministry
Fr. Michael Hoyt, Chaplain French Speaking Ministry

Nathalie Godinot, Coordinator French Speaking Ministry
Maria Manalang, Philippine Ministry
Fr. Jiho (Peter) Son, Korian Ministry


Intercultural Ministry Commission

This commission is entrusted by the Archbishop in collaboration with the Intercultural Ministry Office to provide feedback and advice to the Archbishop on the needs and goals of cultural/ethnic communities. Guided by a common spirit of service, the commission embraces an intercultural approach to ministry that makes visible the Gospel mandate “that all may be one.” The commission is comprised of the advisory committees for the cultural/ethnic ministries. Members of the advisory committees are invited by the coordinators of the ministry.


Black Catholics: Demetria Smith, Mr. Hollis Thomas, Sally Stoval, Diamond Price, Amanda Strong, Marilyn Crain, Francis Blay-Mockey, Phillis Carr, Diana Davis, Gretchin Horne, Mark Guess

Hispanics: Oscar Castellanos, Deacon Emilio Ferrer, Debbie Good, Maria Refugio Romero (Cuquis), Enrique Hernandez, Gladys Tarter

French Speakers: Fr. Michael Hoyt, Nathalie Godinot, Ginette Ninon, Louis Dotsu, Marie Faye, Nathalie Ataklo, Sonia Ninon, Moise Koffi, Suzanne Ahibe

Asian Pacific Islanders:

Vietnamese Fr. Minh Duong, Tam Do, Lenh Ngo, Tynh Van, Thoai Keeley, Sabrina Kachelmeyer

Philippine: Maria Manalang, Marlon Alfonso, Marife Callender, Teresita Soliven, Natividad Dumaual, Athena Calderon, Cristina Miranda-Liwanag, Dorothy La Putt

Myanmar (Burmese): Rita Si Si Lwin, Bu Meh, Victor Luizi Kolo, John Oo Reh

Korean: Fr. Jiho (Peter) Son,

Advisory Committees

Committee structure

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