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The Office of Clergy and Parish Life Coordinators

  • P.O. Box 1410, Indianapolis, IN 46206
  • 317-236-1495
  • Very Reverend Eric M. Johnson, V.E., Vicar
  • Katie Zabriskie, Executive Assistant
Deacons, Office of
  • Deacon David Bartolowits, Director of Deacons
  • Deacon Kerry Blandford, Director Deacon Formation, 317-236-1492, Fax: 317-236-1401
  • Personnel: Priests and Parish Life Coordinators
  • Reverend Eric M. Johnson, V.E., Director
  • Katie Zabriskie, Executive Assistant 317-236-1495, Fax: 317-236-7315
  • Rev. Joseph Rautenberg, Ethics/Bioethics Consultant, 317-236-1449
Vocations, Office of Priestly and Religious
  • Rev. Eric M. Augenstein, Director of Seminarians
  • Very Rev. Michael T. Keucher, Director of Vocations
  • Maggie M. Hagenauer, Office and Events Coordinator
  • Frances Antone, Administrative Assistant, 317-236-1452

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