Programs and Services

Want to learn more about privately sponsoring refugees? Catholic Charities Indianapolis is not able to assist private sponsors to welcome refugees. Please visit for more information on private sponsorship through the U.S. Welcome Corps.

Reception and Placement

The Reception and Service Period for refugees is 30 days but can be extended to 90 days after arrival. Here are the core services:

Pre-Arrival Support
-Household Supplies
-Airport Reception

Post-Arrival Support
-Orientation (includes an assessment, employment plan, community orientation, travel-loan orientation, and Match-Grant orientation)

-Application, Appointments, Referrals for the following: Social Security, Medicaid, Food Stamps/Cash Assistance when applicable, Utilities, Health Screening, School Enrollment for Children, ESL Class Enrollment for Adults and Employment services.

-Referrals: Staff members and volunteers assist clients in connecting with community resources.

Employment and Job Readiness

Our program helps refugee clients enter the American workforce and promotes self-sufficiency. We offer job readiness classes, conducted at several sites around Indianapolis, in which our clients learn about American work culture, applying for jobs, successful interviewing and the transition into full-time employment, among other topics. We also assist clients with job placement, working with employers in and around Indianapolis so that each client has access to gainful employment. Our team strives to help clients overcome barriers to employment and, in the process, uncover new opportunities as they start their lives in the United States.

For prospective employers 

Match Grant

Match Grant is federally funded by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) to promote self-sufficiency through employment. Cients, who meet certain guidelines, are offered the opportunity to enroll in the Match Grant program. Clients are only eligible to enroll in the Match Grant program during the first 31 days after arrival and agree to obtain employment. They cannot access any cash assistance from FSSA for 120 days. They are eligible for Medicaid and foodstamps. Match Grant benefits start upon enrollment into the program. MG clients receive, from our office, a monthly CASH allowance, assistance with rent and utilities, and intensive employment services. Administratively, for every $2 spent, the program needs to match with $1. Our agency does this with volunteer hours, in-kind donations and monetary donations.

Immigration Legal Services

Immigration Legal Services works with an attorney to represent clients on immigration applications and at interviews with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officers. Our services include:

-Family Reunification
-Adjustment of Legal Status
-Employment Authorization
-Naturalization Application Assistance
-Citizenship Preparation Class

For more information, contact Haley Bastin (Habla espanol) at (317)236-1526.

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