Our office charges a consultation fee of $40. At this time we do not take walk-in appointments. To schedule an appointment, please call: 317-592-4008.

At your appointment, we will conduct a comprehensive intake in order to determine eligibility for an immigration benefit. If eligible, we will provide you with a list of documents you will need to collect, along with further instructions.

For more information on preparing your consultation, click here.


Every person, no matter the immigration status, has certain basic rights int he United States. You have the right to:

- speak to an attorney or accredited representative

- make a phone call

- request a hearing before an immigration judge, under certain circumstances

- say nothing unless your attorney is present

- receive in writing the charges made against you

- request Asylum, under certain circumstances, if you fear returning to your home country

- appeal your case to a higher review level, under certain circumstances

Who We are:

The staff and volunteers of Catholic Charities Indianapolis are called by the Gospel to uphold the dignity of all people. Guided by Catholic social teaching we consider it a privilege to deliver compassionate and caring service to help and empower those in need.



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