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Here you will find information about official Archdiocesan guidelines related to the ministry of Catechesis, tools for effective catechesis, and recommended resources for faith formation.

Thank you for your patience as we continue the process of updating this area of our web site. If you are having trouble locating a specific resource, please contact the Office of Catechesis, since we may have access to resources that are not yet listed here.

Archbishop Charles C. Thompson

Pastoral Letter


  • Visit the Archbishop's Prayer Page to find:
    • Prayer for Archbishop Thompson
    • Through the intercession of St. Theodora Guerin
    • Through the intercession of St. Francix Xavier
    • For Pope Francis and Archbishop Thompson
    • Novena on the Anniversary of the Installation of Archbishop Thompson
  • Prayers for Before and After Service Projects click here

Archdiocesan Guidelines

Mandated Reporting and Protocol

Religion Curriculum, Chastity, and Child Protection:

Sacraments and RCIA:

Professional Resources for Catechetical Leaders


End-of-the-Year Review:

Financial Assistance:

  • Total Catholic Education (TCE) Grants and Forgivable Loans
    • Packets are available here.
    • Deadlines to submit applications are March 1 and October 1.
  • Queen and Divine Mercy Grant
  • Other funds that relate to catechetical efforts

Networking Opportunities:

  • The St. John Bosco Conference for Catechesis and Evangelization at the Franciscan University of Steubenville offers excellent formation for leaders in the areas of Catechesis and Evangelization. Our office takes a group from the Archdiocese every year. Contact us for more information on the trip. Visit for more information on the St. John Bosco conference.

Distance Learning Opportunity:

Tools for Effective Catechesis

Basal Textbook Series

Curriculum Correlations

Assessment Tools


Classroom Management

Sacred Scripture (Holy Bible) and Scripture Studies

Sacred Tradition (Catechism)

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

The Compendium of the Catchism of the Catholic Church is a summarized version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, presented in question and answer format.

Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church

United States Catholic Catechism for Adults

General Directory for Catechesis

  • Visit the Vatican website
  • The new Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization Directory For Catechesis (2020) will be posted soon!

National Directory for Catechesis (NDC)

  • Purchase online at 1574554433
  • Living as Missionary Disciples: National Directory for Catechesis Worksheets

Catechetical Sunday

  • Catechetical Sunday is in September. This is a great opportuity to commission catechists at the beginning of a new school/program year. Resources are available here.

Other Catechism Resources

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

Resources for RCIA:

RCIA Events:


Please note: The Office of Catechesis collaborates closely with the Office of Worship in matters related to the Sacraments of Christian Initiation. We encourage you to visit the Office of Worship web page for helpful information regarding the RCIA.

Liturgical Year



Other Resources (A-Z)

Catechetical Board Game

  • Road to Bethlehem: A Family Collaborative Adventure Game for All Ages from Sophia Institute Press click here

Chastity Education

  • "Love Ed" - This resource focuses on parents as the primary educators of their children and equips them to teach their children about God's plan for love and life. More information available here


  • ArchIndy Evangelization seeks to equip parish leaders with the tools they need to raise up leaders among the laity to create a substantial culture of evangelization and discipleship at the parish. Visit hereneed raise up leaders among the laity to create a sustainable culture of evangelization and discipleship at the parish.
  • Evangelical Catholic exists to help "leaders in the local church, build thriving, fruitful, and self-sustaining evangelistic ministries." They offer Reach More evangelization coaching for parishioners and parish staff. Visit them at
  • Kerygma 4 Kids is an evangelization tool for children K-8. It's one lesson per grade and can be easily incorporated into a faith formation or Catholic school curriculum. It includes a DVD, leader guide and student workbook. You can check out their website at for samples of materials and other resources.

Lessons Based on Current Events

  • Resources for teaching the faith while addressing time-sensitive topics
    • Natural Disasters - "Why does God let bad things happen?"
      • Prayer Service - For Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands after Hurricanes
    • Suicide - "The most important reasons why life is worth it"

Marian Resources

  • The POCKET GUIDE TO THE ROSARY: From Ascension Press. The Guide helps Catholics deepen their prayer life and improve their ability to pray what St. Padre Pio called “the weapon of our times”—the Rosary.  Drawing from the writings of the saints, the Bible, and Catholic tradition, Matt Fradd has produced a book that every Catholic should read. Its small size makes it easy to carry to adoration, keep around for family Rosary night, or hand out at your parish. Catholics who find it difficult to enter into the mysteries of the Rosary, or who need some encouragement and inspiration to pray this essential Catholic prayer, will deeply appreciate this small but powerful book. Click here for more info!
  • Mary Resources from Sadlier Publishing: During the month of May, Mary is specially honored by devotions around the world. Wherever you live, honor Mary as a family during May with prayers and activities. Click here for more info!


  • A Catholic Devotional for Your Marriage: Forever
  • For lots of resources and information for your marriage, visit:
    • Office of Marriage and Family Life website
    • For Your Marriage website by the U.S. Bishops

Men's Formation

  • Rise: 30-Day Challenge for Men website
  • E6 Catholic Men's Conference website
  • Indiana Catholic Men's Conference website
  • Cincinnati Catholic Men's Conference website

National Migration Week (January)


  • Parenting Program from Office of Family Ministries
    • The Office of Family Ministries has released a new parenting program called "Parenting: Strengths and Love with an Emotional Focus." This 4-part video-based series brings together evidence-based practice and research to help you become the best parent you can be! For more information go to

  • Catholic Marriage & Family, Inc.

    Catholic FAM is a non-profit organization founded by Chris & Linda Padgett and Bob & Lisa Perron that is committed to encourage, equip and empower people in their relationships with their spouse and fmaily members. They offer many good resources for parish leaders, married couples and even youth and young adults, including bulletin inserts, an on-line magazine, and live presentations. Find out more information on their website,


For Archbishop Charles C. Thompson

For Authentic Catechetical Renewal

  • A beautifully written prayer for Authentic Catechetical Renewal is a prayer to use with your teachers and catechists. Suggestions are to pray this at the beginning of the formation year or even the start of every faith formation class, youth ministry or young adult ministry session. Is there really not a time to pray for catechetical renewal?  Prayer for Authentic Catechetical Renewal

For Catechists, at the end of the year

  • This blessing for Catechists may be used at the end of the program year, preferrably at the end of Mass, or else as part of an appreciation celebration.

Prayer Service Ideas

Prayer Materials

  • Suffering Servant Scriptorum is a small but mighty apostolate that produces Catholic booklets, recordings, and bookmarks in English and Spanish. Visit them at

Prayers and Devotions

Printable Catholic Downloads

  • Pink Salt Riot has free printable prayers, cards, etc. as well as a store with items for purchase. Find out more:  click here


Respect Life

Saints of Catechesis


Sign Language App for Religious Education

  • The App is called "Religious Signs for Families" and is availble for iOS and Android in English or Spanish
  • Check it out at
  • For more information about resources for the Deaf community, contact Erin Jeffries, Coordinator of Ministry to Persons with Special Needs at

Streaming Service

  • FORMED on demand from the Augustine Institute offers many catechetical programs and materials online for a subscription fee. Visit their website for more information:


  • Check out Shalom World TV. This resource is free and features lots of excellent Catholic content. Folks like Cardinal Arinze, Bishop Barron and Scott Hahn have endorsed this effort. Program information is available at:
  • EWTN - Global Catholic Network, is the largest religious media network in the world. EWTN’s 11 global TV channels are broadcast in multiple languages 24 hours a day, seven days a week to over 350 million television households in more than 145 countries and territories. EWTN platforms also include radio services transmitted through SIRIUS/XM, iHeart Radio, and over 500 domestic and international AM & FM radio affiliates; a worldwide shortwave radio service; one of the largest Catholic websites in the U.S.; electronic and print news services, including Catholic News Agency, “The National Catholic Register” newspaper, and several global news wire services; as well as EWTN Publishing, its book publishing division.

USCCB - United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Vacation Bible School

Vocation Lessons

  • Created by Vianney Vocations, this resource for Grades K-12 has been purchased by the Vocations Office of the Archdiocese and is available to Archdiocesan parishes at no cost. For more information, contact the Vocations Office or go to

Women's Formation

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