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St Thomas More Mooresville parish with religious education class students after HCA presentation

The staff of the Mission Office supervises the missionary work of the Church, provides educational programs about this work and manages financial appeals that support the missions.

Mission Statement

The purpose of this office is to enable the members of our Archdiocese to realize their responsibility as missionaries bestowed on them in baptism to extend the mission begun by Jesus to the ends of the earth.

Latest Updates

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See our Mission Educators hard at work!

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Learn more about the martyrdom of Archbishop Oscar Romero on this site:

Children's Reflections on the Prayer Requests of the Pope (via the Apostleship of Prayer)

Learn more about the Pontifical Mission Societies' annual Christmas card contest

Go to the official site of the Propagation of the Faith to learn more about such things as World Mission Sunday and how you can help.

Catechists and religious educators can visit for mission reflections and activities related to the Sunday Gospels, both general and specific to the Year of Faith.  And, just added to the MCA website – Mission In the Year of Faith – which includes the texts of the Holy Father’s new lessons on the faith, in the Year of Faith, as well as questions for critical thinking connected with this series of instructions.

To purchase a world mission rosary visit The Society for the Propagation of the Faith national web site at ( Both adult and children’s Rosaries are available and you can also get a free Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen prayer card.

To make a donation on-line with a major credit card to the national office visit

To order Holy Childhood Christmas cards on-line with a major credit card visit

News: 10th Anniversary of the Worldwide Children's Eucharistic Holy Hour

News: Missionary Childhood Association: New Name, Fewer Feathers – but the Same Great Works


National Connections

The national organizations served by the Mission Office are as follows:

The Society for the Propagation of the Faith, Peter Pence, Champaign for Human Development, Religious Retirement, Black and Indian Missions, Aid for Eastern Europe, Catholic Relief Services, Holy Places, Rice Bowls, World Mission Sunday and any special collections requested by the Archbishop and Bishop.

All monies collected are sent to the National Office in New York for distribution to the organizations, the money for Missionaries is collected by the Mission Office from each parish that is visited and then sent to the Missionary.


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  • Phone: (317) 236-1485 / Toll Free 1-800-382-9836, ext. 1485
  • Fax:(317) 236-1434
  • E-mail: for mission educational programs
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