Greetings from the Mission Office

Greetings from the Mission Office:


Education of Future Archdiocesan Priests—June 18, 2017

Peter’s Pence—July 2, 2017

World Mission Sunday—October 22, 2017

Campaign for Human Development—November 19, 2017

Retirement Fund for Religious—December 10, 2017

It is important that I have your email address and title so that I am able to update the parish email list and would greatly appreciate it if you could send the email address for the contacts that need to receive all the correspondents from the Mission Office.  You can send them by email to but please make sure you include your parish name and parish number.  (Please help me update my database so that I am able to send out the letters, bulletins and any announcements to you on a timely basis)

As always the Mission Office appreciates all that you do to support the second collections and we always welcome your comments.

Yours in Christ,

Father Jerry Kirkhoff, Director and Dana Danberry, Office Manager

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