May 17, 2013

Letters to the Editor

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We must be open and listen to where the Spirit is leading us, letter writers say

In the May 3 issue of The Criterion, a letter writer said her family was shocked that the archdiocesan newspaper “would give space to an idea that is anti-Church doctrine.” Referencing an April 5 letter to the editor regarding same-sex parenting, she urged The Criterion to “fill us with truth” and Catholic morality instead of “worldly views.”

We believe The Criterion attempts to do that, but we also greatly appreciate their stated letter policy of “commitment to the responsible exchange of freely-held and expressed opinion among the People of God” (Communio et Progressio, 116) because we believe the Holy Spirit can, and sometimes does, speak through the members of Christ’s Body.

God speaks to us, as he did to the early Church, through the changing situations in both the world and the Church (Acts 15:1-2, 22-29.) Only when the early Church listened to the new,

non-Jewish converts’ alternate view did they realize where the Spirit was leading them.

Just as in the early Church, there will be differing views and disagreements over some teachings until we discern where the Spirit is leading us today; but we must listen and be open to that leading.

- Hank and Linda Cooper | Bloomington

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