May 3, 2013

Letters to the Editor

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The Criterion needs to fill its readers with “Truth,” letter writer says

Your publishing of the letter to the editor in the April 5 issue of The Criterion talking about the goodness of gay adoption versus a child being raised in an orphanage was a shock to our family.

First of all, it shocked us that a Catholic newspaper would give space to an idea that is anti-Church doctrine.

Secondly, it was a letter from a worldly viewpoint. The letter writer had no statistics on the moral effects of gay adoption versus the moral effects of being raised in an orphanage.

I thought being interested and learning about Catholic morality was why people wanted to read your newspaper.

I read a secular newspaper if I want worldly views. Worldly newspapers give their version of both sides.

We need you to fill us with “Truth.”

- Kay Dodds | Greenfield

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