See the newly released Baptism Preparation Guidelines. These guidelines should be reviewed by our pastors and PCLs, and folks that prepare others for the Sacrament of Baptism. Click here for English and Click here for Spanish

**RECENTLY ADDED** New Godparent Eligibility Form - this form is a sample/example for parishes to use if you choose. Download here

Baptism Preparation Resources:

  • Springs of Faith baptism preparation program we released early last year. The program is well suited to meet the current needs of evangelizing young adults, helping parishes build communities of faith within this population, and connecting them to the larger parish faith community. The website includes a full program overview as well as samples of both print and digital components.
    • Springs of Faith – A Bilingual Baptism program in three phases that supports lifelong faith formation and promotes parish engagement. Designed for young adults and families who long for a faith community and are considering having their children baptized in the Catholic Church. The program is available in English and Spanish.
  • Springs of Faith brochure
  • Belonging: Baptism in the Family of God by Ascension Press Video & Journal Preparation Program. Belonging: Baptism in the Family of God is designed to provide parents with an incredible encounter with Jesus and with the Church. This program seeks to prepare parents to have their children baptized and to win over their hearts at this important time in their lives. Parents will learn what it means to be children of God and that in the Church, they will always have a place where they belong.
  • Catholic Baptism from Agape Catholic Ministries, Online Preparation Program, Available in English, Spanish. Equipping Parents and Godparents for the Task of Raising Strong Catholic Children
  • Reborn: You, Your Child and the Heart of Baptism by the Augustine Institute, Video and study preparation program, Available in English or Spanish. Reborn explores the deeply personal power of Baptism, bringing to light the spiritual reality for parents and godparents, and, most importantly, the child being baptized.
  • Parent Letters from your Parish by Our Sunday Visitor, Post baptism letters sent by parish to parents of newly baptized 10 and continuing catechesis to parents for three years. This series of 7 post-Baptism mailings makes it easy to engage new families and keep them inspired in the Faith! Starting right after Baptism and every 6 months thereafter, Parent Letters delivers the Catholic wisdom, support, and encouragement parents need to nurture their child's spiritual growth as well as a FREE gift for every mailing!
  • Your Baby’s Baptism by Liguori Sacramental Preparation Series, How-to guides for baptismal-prep meetings. Page-by-page tips for using the Parent Guide. Baptism is the beginning of your child’s life of faith. As the primary educators of their children, parents have the privilege and duty of carrying this new son or daughter of God into Christ’s family, the Church. With the priest or deacon, godparents, parish, friends, and family, your baby’s baptism will be a celebration and sign of lifelong love and grace.
  • Baptism Matters by Renew International, An online learning program that prepares the whole family for Baptism. Provides parishes with the activities & communication tools they need to transform sacramental preparation into an evangelizing experience.
  • Guidelines for the Celebration of the Sacraments with Persons with Disabilities, USCCB. The Church continues to affirm the dignity of every human being, and to grow in knowledge and understanding of the gifts and needs of her members who live with disabilities. Likewise, the Church recognizes that every parish community includes members with disabilities, and earnestly desires their active participation. All members of the Body of Christ are uniquely called by God by virtue of their Baptism. In light of this call, the Church seeks to support all in their growth in holiness, and to encourage all in their vocations. Participating in, and being nourished by, the grace of the sacraments is essential to this growth in holiness. Catholic adults and children with disabilities, and their families, earnestly desire full and meaningful participation in the sacramental life of the Church.
  • First Steps in Your Journey of Faith and Parish Life: A Baby Journal from Baptism to First Reconciliation by Saint Benedict Press. First Steps is a baby journal with a unique, refreshing spiritual focus. It encourages families to cultivate and record a child’s “journey of faith and parish life,” from birth and Baptism all the way to First Reconciliation. Parents fill the book with photos and answers to questions about the significant events and developments in a child’s first seven years. As they do, they are prompted to consider the child’s significance as the fruit of their love; the meaning of Baptism as the child’s “spiritual birthday”; signs of the child’s spiritual growth, year by year; and the critical role of parish life in raising the child in the Faith.

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