The Catholic Church in Indiana

The archives contains many pieces of historical information about the archdiocese, as well as areas of the state that were part of the archdiocese before other dioceses were formed.  Examples include:

  • Writings, photographs, and memorabilia of former and current bishops/archbishops
  • Parish historical information
  • Biographical information of priests, both living and deceased
  • Information about religious orders of men and women located in the archdiocese
  • Information about Catholic high schools, colleges, hospitals, and other institutions
  • Information about archdiocesan offices and agencies
  • Archdiocesan yearbooks (not school yearbooks) from 1918-present
  • Reference materials such as the Official Catholic Directory and the Acta Apostolica Sedis

Materials of living current/former archbishops are restricted.  If you are interested in any of the materials listed above, please contact the archives at 317-236-1538 or  Often, the archives can provide you with copies of available materials via email or postal mail, but you may also set an appointment to view items in person.

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