Archdiocesan Church Art and Architecture Commission

Blessed Sacrament Chapel of CathedralThe Archdiocesan Church Art and Architecture Commission provides guidelines and advice to a parish and to the archbishop throughout a process of church building or renovation. Its charge is based on the General Instruction of the Roman Missal #291: “All who are involved in the construction, restoration, and remodeling of churches are to consult the diocesan commission on liturgy and liturgical art.  The diocesan Bishop is to use the counsel and help of this commission whenever it comes to laying down norms on this matter, approving plans for new buildings, and making decisions on the more important issues.” The commission is administered by the Office of Worship.

Commission Membership 2011-12

  • Father Steve Jarrell
  • Fr. Aaron Jenkins
  • Carla Leppert
  • Michael Egan
  • Eric Atkins – Director of Management Services
  • Fr. Pat Beidelman, Executive Director of the Secretariat of Spiritual Life and Worship


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