Kappes, Rev. Christiaan W., STB, SLL, PHL


Born Dec. 22, 1975. Ordained June 29, 2002. Associate pastor, St. Louis, Batesville; 2005-2006, one-year Spanish immersion project, St. Isadore the Farmer, Zapopan, Mexico; 2006, graduate studies, sacred liturgy and philosophy, St. Anselmo, and Angelicum, Rome; 2009, doctoral studies under Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Secretary for the Holy See’s Relations with States, Greek and theology, University of Athens; 2012, returned to the Archdiocese; 2013, sacramental assistance, St. Patrick, Indianapolis and Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, Indianapolis; 2013, associate pastor Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, Indianapolis; released for one year to teach at Saints Cyril and Methodius Seminary in Pittsburgh, Pa.

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