To Assist During the Covid-19 Time:

Indiana Governors Council on Persons with Disabilities: find a variety of resources including home activities, plain language information, and ASL resources HERE

National Catholic Partnership on Disability (NCPD): find a variety of resources including suggestions to use when creating videos or other resources, webinars, Mental Health Resources, a Autism resources, ASL resources, and online formation HERE

Returning to Mass:

A social story to help navigate the changes we'll experience as we return to Mass.

Download HERE

Books Beyond Words:

For someone who struggles with words, there are a lot of barriers to getting the right health or social care and support. Even when a person with a problem reaches someone who can help, like a doctor, a social worker or a therapist, there can be communication problems and anxieties on both sides.

By telling the whole story in pictures, each Books Beyond Words narrative gives people the chance to work together and explore different types of situations. They have released several books to support people through the Coronavirus situation.

Check out these free e-books HERE


Web Links:

A Catholic Ministry for Special Needs Parents

Mark Bradford, author and parent of a child with special needs

Perfecting Praise: Disability and Prayer

Indiana Governor's Council for People with Disabilities: A great general resource for information on state resources and organizations for persons with special needs and their families, legislation, materials for disability awareness, and much more.

Indiana Resource Center for Autism: Provides local training and workshops, consultations and resources for individuals on the spectrum (resource samples below)

-- Strategies for Sensory Seekers -- Strategies for Sensory Avoiders

-- Sensory Discrimination Differences

National Catholic Partnership on Disability (NCPD) : Resources for Catholics with Disabilities : Information and resources about child development, sensory issues, and inclusion- including many great short videos.

Xavier Society for the Blind: National Catholic Lending Library for the Blind, providing spiritual and religious materials, and various events and programs            

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Indiana: grassroots public charity helping people living with serious mental illnesses, their families and friends. We support local NAMI Affiliates, train volunteer leaders, provide continuing education for professionals, and advocate for systems change at the state level.

NAMI Indianapolis (Affiliate)

Catholic Education Resource Center (CERC) : Online library resource for Catholic Faith and Culture

CUSA: An Apostolate of Persons with Chronic Illness or Disability: a way for people with chronic illness or disability to care for others like themselves through an online or postal service Christian support group.

Victorious Missionaries : Based at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, its purpose is to encourage those with disabilities to reach out to others with disabilities, sharing their gifts and spreading the Good News of the Gospel.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) : variety of information, news, events for catechesis, liturgy and much more.

Official Website of the Holy See: wealth of information about world-wide church events, GREAT place to look for encyclicals, videos and transcripts of Wednesday catechesis/audiences and so much more.



The Adaptive Catechist: Faith Based Strategies to Reach and Teach Learners with Disabilities by Charleen Katra and John E. Barone

- Provides strategies and tools to foster a welcoming environment, understand the specific needs of learners with disabilities, adapt your teaching approach for the benefit of all, develop effective communication strategies, help learners build confidence, independence and ownership.

Teaching Students with Autism in a Catholic Setting: by Lawrence R. Sutton PhD

Will help people working with children with autism to use best practices to manage behavior to enhance their experience, gain insights into how to reduce some of the challenges these children face, and how to identify and cultivate their gifts and talents.



"Handbook for Adaptive Catechesis: Serving Those with Special Needs"  by Michelle Chronister, MA
- A very practical guide to addressing diverse needs, forming a program, lesson planning and sacramental preparation.

"Taking the Lift to Heaven" by Michele Chronister, MA (E-Book)

- Practical introductory guide to ministry for those with special needs.

"How to Welcome, Include and Catechize Children with Autism and Other Special Needs" by Lawrence Sutton, Ph.D.
- practical information in particular about autism, and lays out an "individualized catechesis" method, which utilizes 'faith mentors'

"Faith, Family and Children with Special Needs" by David Rizzo
- a big picture look at issues of faith, as well as helpful tips for nurturing spiritual growth, for both the child and parents.

"Spiritually Able" by David and Mercedes Rizzo

-Another very personal and practical guide by parents of a daughter who has autism for helping to nourish the spiritual life of children who have special needs, particularly autism.

"Catechists for All Children": by Joseph D. White and Ana Arista White
concrete advice and methods to help work with a variety of different needs

"Gifts of the Spirit: Multiple Intelligences in Religious Education": by Rev. Ronald Nuzzi, Ph.D.
- Information about the Multiple Intelligence Theory, the different 'intelligences' and ways to incorporate them into religious education, and into the Liturgy.

"Don't Call Me Special: A First Look at Disability" by Pat Thomas
- a great way to introduce younger children to what a disability is, and how people deal with their disabilities and live happy and full lives. (Also available on YouTube as a video/slideshow)

Presentations (PowerPoints and Handouts)

(Click the link to view the presentation)

DRE Skills Series: Accessibility and Inclusion in Ministry

Called to Holiness: Catechesis and Persons with ADD/ADHD

Caring for Caregivers

Parish Religious Education Questionnaire (handout)

Autism: What Every PARE Needs to Know

Lesson Planning for Diverse Learners

Liturgical Accessibility


Videos & Other Media

"Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors": featuring Joseph Cardinal Bernadin and Fr. Henri Nouwen
clips available HERE 
- highlights the importance of including persons with special needs into Liturgy and church life, and provides practical ways, to help all with disabilities be able to bring their gifts as well.
-VHS available in the Office of Catechesis


 "A Life Like Yours" A Prolife Message about People with Disabilities
also available on YouTube
- shares the story of Maddie, who reminds us of the dignity and joy that can be found in every human life.
-5-min DVD available in the Office of Catechesis


Lacey and Christian Buchanan: available HERE
 - a young mother shares her story, and the story of her son, who was born with a severe cleft lip, palate, and eyes.

"Dear Future Mom..."
children and young adults with Down Syndrome tell a worried expectant mother what to expect- just try not to cry

Prenatal Diagnosis: Webinar Series from NCPD
-This 1 ½ hour training is on supporting families who receive a prenatal diagnosis of a disability or lethal condition.
- Available in the Office of Catechesis

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