Parish #069

All Saints

Dover | Dearborn County | Founded 2013

Number of families: 1,035

Sacramental schedule

For Mass times and sacramental schedules, please consult the parish website or call the parish office.


  • St. John the Baptist Church:
  • 25743 State Road 1
  • Guilford, IN 47012-8979
  • St. Joseph Church:
  • 7536 Church Ln.
  • West Harrison, IN
  • St. Martin Church:
    8044 Yorkridge Road
    Guilford, IN
  • St. Paul Church:
  • 9798 N. Dearborn Road
  • Guilford, IN


  • Pastors in solidum: Rev. Jonathan P. Meyer; Rev. John J. Hollowell
  • Deacon: Robert Decker; Mark Schmidl
  • Coordinators of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd: Cyndi Voegele; Teresa Callahan
  • Young Adult and Electronic Evangelization Coordinator: Claire Keck
  • Youth Minister: Lucy Herth
  • Office and Parish Coordinator: Emily Alig
  • Website Coordinator: Jim Gowdy
  • Bookkeepers: Jane Dever; Pat Stenger
  • Administrative Assistants: Maureen Stenger; Marilyn White


  • All Saints Catholic Academy (PreK)
  • 25743 State Route 1, 812-576-0104
    Number of students: 85

Decree closing the former school

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