Parish #031

St. Mark Parish in IndianapolisSt. Mark the Evangelist

Indianapolis | Marion County | Founded 1946

  • 535 E. Edgewood Ave.
  • Indianapolis, IN 46227-2099
  • 317-787-8246 | Fax: 317-781-6466
  • Web site:

Number of families: 1,262 | Church capacity: 485

Sacramental schedule

For Mass times and sacramental schedules, please consult the parish website or call the parish office.


    Administrator: Rev. Timothy M. Wyciskalla
    Parochial Vicar: Rev. Hau Hawm "John" Mang
    Deacons: Paul Fisherkeller; Nick Martin
    Executive Director of Ministries: Christine Risch,
    Executive Director of Operations: Alison Archer,
    Director of Youth Ministry: Bethany Kuhn
    Director of Outreach: Rusty Albertson,
    Music Director: Andrew Eagan


  • St. Mark (PK - 8)
  • 541 E. Edgewood Ave.
  • Indianapolis, IN 46227
  • 317-786-4013 | Fax: 317-783-9574


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