Black Catholics

The purpose of this Ministry is to promote the Church's call to enhance the New Evangelization among African American and African Catholics. The office of Black Catholic Ministry strives to encourage leadership in the Black Catholic community, and to strengthen awareness of programs to rebuild our families, churches and communities. The Archdiocese of Indianapolis offer spiritual enrichment and renewal to the African American and African Communities to address the unique Spiritual, Cultural, and social needs.


The Archdiocese of Indianapolis identifies and fosters the rich diversity of Black Catholics, to empower them as members of the Catholic Church, so they might evangelize their brothers and sisters to take on the spirit of Jesus Christ.

Indianapolis Black Catholic Caucus Purpose:

  • To discuss the concerns of their brother and sisters in the Catholic Church.
  • To give African American Catholic the opportunity to build a network to accomplish their mutual goals in the church and society.
  • The group is made up of African Americans and Africans from different Parishes in the diocese.
  • To discuss the needs of our youth and young adults.


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