February 9, 2024

Our Works of Charity / David Bethuram

Catholic Charities offers ongoing support to those seeking adoption

David Bethuram

Catholic Charities acknowledges the challenges that come with an unforeseen pregnancy. The decision to pursue adoption or embrace parenthood is a complex one, and determining what is best for both the mother and child requires careful consideration. Recognizing the intricacies of life, we strive to collaborate with mothers and fathers, providing support without judgment. We hold deep respect for their courageous choice to embrace life.

Our commitment involves offering personalized assistance, counseling and information without imposing any pressure. We frequently aid expectant mothers and their unborn children in accessing essential prenatal care and addressing various needs they may have. Allow us to share the story of Jenny and her baby son. She sought help from Catholic Charities during a challenging time.

When Jenny discovered she was pregnant, she felt scared and unprepared—especially since the father was no longer part of her life.

Facing the prospect of going through the pregnancy alone, Jenny, in her mid-30s, with complicating health conditions, anticipated a high-risk pregnancy. A week before her due date, a social worker at a local hospital referred her to Catholic Charities for adoption and pregnancy support services.

Scheduled to meet her case worker within a week, plans took an unexpected turn as Jenny went into labor. During their first encounter, our caseworker assisted Jenny with hospital check-in and stayed with her until minutes before an emergency C-section. Throughout the process, the baby’s well-being remained the top priority, and every decision was made in his best interest.

Jenny, prioritizing a supportive and safe two-parent household for her son, sought an open adoption. Enter Amber and Jackson, a loving couple drawn to adoption through what they believed was divine guidance leading them to Catholic Charities.

Jenny chose Amber and Jackson as adoptive parents for her son. After Beau’s birth in May 2022, he spent nearly a month in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), where Amber, Jackson and dedicated nurses provided constant care. Catholic Charities remained connected with Jenny, ensuring she was informed about Beau’s progress.

Home visits from a Catholic Charities social worker followed, checking on Amber, Jackson and their newly named son, John Beau. Regular visits ensured the family’s adjustment, milestones and bonding were on track. The social worker addressed any questions and concerns, supporting the family as they adapted to their unique dynamic.

Catholic Charities committed to ongoing support, extending assistance to Amber, Jackson and John Beau immediately after placement and throughout their lives. Catholic Charities is dedicated to helping adoptive couples, birthmothers, birthfathers and adopted children navigate all stages of family life.

If you are interested in learning more about the variety of services, programs and trainings Catholic Charities offers in domestic or internal adoption services for birthmothers and adoptive parents, please visit our websites St. Elizabeth|Coleman Pregnancy and Adoption Services (Indianapolis) at www.givingbirthtohope.org or St. Elizabeth Catholic Charities (New Albany) at www.stecharities.org/adoption-bridges.

(David Bethuram is executive director of the archdiocesan Secretariat for Catholic Charities. You can contact him at dbethuram@archindy.org.) †

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