June 18, 2021

Serra Club Vocations Essay

St. Joseph is a model for workers and hope for those who are dying

By Kamryn Lowe (Special to The Criterion)

Kamryn LoweThe minimal amount of information about St. Joseph in the Bible clearly shows us that Joseph was a faithful man.

He was able to put the needs of Mary and Jesus above his own. He was able to understand what God needed him to do. He did this faithfully, even if he did not understand fully how it might have changed his life. Joseph was faithful enough to listen to an angel of God in his dreams and follow what God asked of him.

Pope Francis has declared this year the Year of St. Joseph. Since St. Joseph is the patron saint of workers, this year has also been the “year of workers.”

In the past year, everyone’s life has been different in many ways. When most things were shut down due to COVID-19, it was the workers who kept the country running. Our country has been kept alive by hospital staff, police, teachers, truck drivers and retail and grocery workers.

Though many of these professions have not always been given the respect they deserve, our country saw their importance and dedication when we needed them most.

St. Joseph was a working man. Even though he was from the lineage of King David, Joseph was a carpenter. Despite being a working man, Joseph always put his faith and family first.

St. Joseph is also known as the patron saint of a happy death. The fact that he intercedes for all at the hour of their death has been truly needed this past year. With COVID-19, many people have died at a time that they would not have, had they not contracted the virus.

With St. Joseph being the saint of a happy death, it is our hope that he was with these hundreds of thousands of people who died due to the virus. We all will die; however, it is our hope that when we do, we are able to go to heaven for all eternity.

I hope to live a life as worthy as

St. Joseph. It is my goal to become a nurse and work with sick children. I will be a member of the workers of the country. I hope to have faith like Joseph had, and without doubts, follow my faith to help others.

If in my career, I have to work with those that are dying, I hope to help them die with dignity and love. St. Joseph has helped me to say yes to Jesus and Mary. I hope to live my life faithfully and serve others in imitation of St. Joseph.

(Kamryn Lowe is the daughter of Albert and Melissa Lowe of Lawrence. She recently completed the ninth grade at the Oldenburg Academy of the Immaculate Conception in Oldenburg and is the ninth-grade division winner in the Indianapolis Serra Club’s 2021 John D. Kelley Vocations Essay Contest.)

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