June 19, 2020

My Journey to God

If Jesus Came to Your Town

If Jesus came to your town,
     what do you think He’d see?
Would He find the people lacking
     in what He taught them to be?

If Jesus visited your church,
     where He is meant to dwell,
Would He sense a touch of heaven,
     or just an empty shell?

Would Jesus find you loving your neighbor
     the way He said to do,
Or would it be only the neighbor
     who looks a lot like you?

If Jesus walked among the homeless,
     would someone give Him bread,
Or would everyone pass by Him
     as if He were already dead?

If Jesus visited a clinic,
     would He begin to weep
When seeing all the unborn babes
     lying in a heap?

And if Jesus knocked on your door
     and asked to be let in,
Would you smile and step aside,
     or turn your back on Him?

By Carole McGrotty

(Carol McGrotty is a member of Mary, Queen of Peace Parish in Danville.)

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