June 12, 2020

My Journey to God

Triumphant Love

Everyone seems to have a label these days
And we react by what we think we know
More and more we are putting ourselves in a box
Hiding our hearts where they cannot grow

We need to know the supreme gift we have
Our life was set with Triumphant Love
We must not forget diversity is a gift
Stuck in a box we can’t reach what’s above

I think we can agree our world is a mess
Wherever we turn someone is being cursed
“I don’t like what you think say or do”
Mean things said often seem so rehearsed

Triumphant Truth is what we need
It is unchanging and will never defy
This realm is made up of hope and loyalty
It pours out trust that money can’t buy

May we all ascend to that higher place
Surrounded by unity we all can admire
Let us call to mind – God loved us first
Might the world soar with hearts set afire

By Gayle Schrank

(Gayle Schrank is a member of St. Mary Parish in Navilleton.)

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