May 29, 2020

My Journey to God


I look for light
I’m sure it’s there
Soft strands in people
In lives being lived
In brief moments
A crack of light breaks through
Magnified in people’s love and kindness
Hope holds firm
In melodies and in words of songs
Christ is present in loving concern
In offerings of heart and self
In a hug
Christ is in the Light
Christ IS the Light
Find it, see it, capture it, keep it
O Gentle Light
Guide my heart to feel it
Shine in me, Christ Child
Through me, around me, over me
Surround me, envelop me
Hold me, rest in me
Oh Desire of the Nations
Love me.
“God is light, and in him there is no darkness at all.”
~1 John 1:5~

By Sally Meyer

(Sally Meyer is a member of St. Mark the Evangelist Parish in Indianapolis.)

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