March 27, 2020

My Journey to God


I see the devil dancing with glee:
The churches have closed!
The churches have closed.
Gathering steam in the fear of Unkown,
Eagerly watering seeds that are sown
Of false conviction that we are alone.

Alone in this strange, never-known-before world,
No touching, no going, everything closed.
Life as we know it canceled; replaced
By uneasy waiting for what might take place
With ominous speed and unrecognized face.

And the Evil One sure is leaping for joy
Knowing his weapons abound ever more
Where panic, mistrust and anxiety spread
Among people who watch every newscast with dread
Forgetting Who holds every day that’s ahead.

Though all through the ages the Evil One’s tried
To sever mankind from our infinite Source
Through clamorous discord and murderous lies,
Enticing illusion, seductive disguise,
He never can claim completely his prize.

For, even though now, the churches be closed,
And our world has become a bewildering place,
We still are the children, beloved, adored
Of the One Who will fight for us, of His Own accord;
In life or in death, we belong to the Lord.

In Him we still gather, our spirits with His
As we wait and remember His promise to us;
The One from Whose love we came into being,
Whose Presence is ever; Whose wisdom all-seeing
From this and all terrors, our ultimate freeing.

By Linda Abner

(Linda Abner is a member of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Indianapolis.)

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