March 27, 2020

My Journey to God


To Nazareth an angel came
A teenage bride he called by name
Hail Mary, do not fear my voice
God’s Son you’ll bear, if that’s your choice.

“How can this be? I’ve known no man”
Just trust in Him; God has a plan
“Then let it be; God’s will be done
I’ll bear His child; I’ll raise His Son”

She surrenders

The mother taught her son to trust
With faith the Father who is just
When life’s uncertainties come nigh
Give steadfastness to God on high

He learned his lessons well that day
When at Gethsemane, he knelt to pray
“Thy will be done, and not mine own
I’ll die for them as you have shown”

He surrenders

Before he died he passed to me
His lessons learned from mother’s knee
My love and faith to blindly go
Wherever God alone must know

See, Jesus taught me how to pray
Thy will be done, just show the way
I’ll trust your vision when I’m in strife
Lord, be my guide throughout my life

I surrender

By Steven Koch

(Steven Koch is a member of St. Malachy Parish in Brownsburg.)

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