March 20, 2020

Superintendent says keep students on established routine

Click on the example of a daily schedule above to see a larger version.

Click on the example of a daily schedule above to see a larger version.

By John Shaughnessy

As a former teacher and as a parent of a Catholic school student, Gina Fleming believes that “young people do much better with established routines.”

Now as the superintendent of the 68 Catholic schools in the archdiocese, Fleming recommends that parents keep their focus on maintaining established routines for their children during this time when archdiocesan schools are closed at least until April 6 as a precaution against the coronavirus.

To start, Fleming suggests that parents should “stick to your child’s typical bedtime routine, allowing for students to wake up within an hour of their general wake-up time. This will help your child when it is time to head back to the classroom.”

She also recommends limiting their “screen time,” whether it is watching television or playing video games.

“Allow time for creative play, crafts, exploring hobbies, reading and even some ‘boredom,’ ” she says. “It is during these states that young people can be their most innovative, creative selves. You can build with Legos, popsicle sticks or other items around the house.

“You can play board games as a family, or even have your child create his/her own game for the family to play. Leave time to color together, paint together, exercise together … there are endless options that do not require a screen of any kind.

“To create a healthy family media plan, go to: This is also available in Spanish.”

Fleming also provided a chart (to the right) that parents could use to provide structure to a child’s day to continue learning and growing while he or she is away from their school building. †


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