March 20, 2020

My Journey to God

The Whisper

Wordless, it comes to me at odd times.

Washing dishes,
Familiar routine, getting control in the kitchen
One more time.
In an office waiting for an appointment,
Watching a mother with a newborn;
Making room for an elderly woman,
Painfully frail, but her face soft with peace;
In conversation with a woman from another culture,
Very proper and self-contained, but present to that moment.
I felt heard, and validated. Her eyes, they saw me.

In my quiet times I turn to it,
As if checking to make sure everything is going to be ok,

Finally, soft words come,
“Remember Me.
I am with you. I am with you.
I am with you.”
Then, the whisper,

By Cindy Leppert

(Cindy Leppert is a member of St. Christopher Parish in Indianapolis.)

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