January 26, 2018

2018 Catholic Schools Week Supplement

‘Catholic education has become fundamental to my life,’ student says

By John Shaughnessy

Nick FordAfter two years at a public high school, Nick Ford is happy to be returning to his Catholic education roots by attending Bishop Chatard High School in Indianapolis.

“There’s such a big difference in the two,” says Nick, a junior at the archdiocesan high school for the Indianapolis North Deanery. “One thing that I’ve noticed is that all my teachers and classmates are kind and caring and want the best for you.

“Catholic education has become fundamental to my life. I love having Mass every week and starting every class with prayer. I know I’m happier when I’m in the presence of so many Christians and Catholics like myself. I feel it benefits me and builds me physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

He also believes it’s leading him to one of the most important goals of his life—a better relationship with God.

“It’s what I’m striving for. It’s what we’re all striving for,” says Nick, a member of St. Andrew the Apostle Parish in Indianapolis who graduated from St. Joan of Arc School in 2015. “My relationship with God personally is very unique. Whenever I go to receive the body and blood of Christ, I always feel that presence of God in a physical sense. And I try to listen as best as I can to what he tells me every day.”

His experiences at Bishop Chatard have helped him in that effort, he says.

“Every day, I’ve noticed that I’m just chipping away at any imperfections. I know I won’t be perfect, but I have to try. Being in this Catholic environment helps me not just as an academic scholar, but as an all-around person.” †

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