January 26, 2018

Letters to the Editor

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Editorial about immigration misinforms newspaper’s readers

It is discouraging that the uninformed are permitted to use The Criterion as a platform to misinform its readers.

The editorial, “We need more immigrants” written by John Fink in the Jan. 12 issue attempts to portray President Donald J. Trump in a bad light. In fact, he is attempting to bring order to a disordered situation.

The editorial asks: “Why should we be trying to discourage immigrants now?” In fact, the United States has open borders. There are hundreds of border legal stations where thousands enter our country daily merely by walking past a border guard. Others in cars and trucks line the border station highways entering the U.S. legally.

There is usually some impediment that causes illegal entry to our country. Nevertheless, our government places water barrels in the desert for those who become lost or abandoned by traffickers. It is appropriate here to mention the danger that lost, desperate immigrants present to remote ranchers as the immigrants approach their residences for help.

Fink mentions the need for workers in agriculture and construction, traditionally low-paying jobs that continue to be that way because immigrants can be used to an employer’s advantage, and are many times forced into accommodations unfit for human habitation.

The editorial continues on with other material that refuses to acknowledge the true situation and real problems that illegal immigrants face, and present to those who must deal with those problems like human trafficking, decent housing and smuggling.

- Emery Mapes | Lawrenceburg

Column spurs reader to share ties with late Santa Fe archbishop

(Editor’s note: This letter was addressed to Editor Emeritus John. F. Fink.)

To begin with, thank you for the columns in The Criterion.  I always find them most enjoyable and interesting.

I just finished reading with excitement your latest column titled “Willa Cather’s portrayal of Archbishop Lamy of Santa Fe.” When I was a teenager in the 1960’s, my aunt gave me a copy of the book and proudly remarked that it should be a required read for everyone in our family.

As it happens, my great-uncle was also an archbishop of Santa Fe, N.M., for 13 years, from 1919 until his tragic death in 1932.  He, like Archbishop Jean Baptiste Lamy, is buried in the crypt directly behind the sanctuary at Saint Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe.

He was born Albert Thomas Daeger in 1872 in St Anne Parish, just north of North Vernon in Jennings County. He was the sixth archbishop of Santa Fe, and broke the French line of bishops appointed there as he was German. He was ordained a Franciscan priest in July 1896, and celebrated his first Mass in St. Anne Church.

He spent many years prior to his appointment serving the Indian missions of New Mexico. You may already be aware of this information and his story, but if not, I just thought you would find it an interesting bit of trivia and a connection to St. Anne Parish.

- Thomas G. Daeger Sr. | Indianapolis

Sister Segale’s last name is misspelled in Jan. 12 issue of The Criterion

Thanks to Editor Emeritus John F. Fink for all of his columns and for the recent one about Sister Blandina Segale in the Jan. 12 issue of The Criterion.

Sister’s family name was misspelled as “Seagle” in the column.

I always look forward to Mr. Fink’s work and also appreciate reading his books.

Thank you for presenting archdiocesan Catholics with such a great weekly newspaper!

- Jim Waldon | Aurora

Columns show ministry coordinators in action, promote awareness of Church

Just a note to commend the publisher and editors of The Criterion for invoking an expanded interest in your articles and columns that has me now reading it cover to cover, whereas I previously only read my favorite columns and catechetical updates.

Erin Jeffries’ “An Advent Dialogue with the Sick” column in your

Dec. 15 issue was a refreshing approach to catechesis, and Father Eugene Hemrick’s “Truly celebrate Christmas by becoming fully absorbed in its meaning” column particularly touched a chord for me.

Introducing your numerous ministry coordinators to your readership through an occasional Perspectives page column is an excellent way to promote awareness of our Church in action in our awesome archdiocese.

Keep up the good work! God is with you!

- Alice Price | Indianapolis

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