December 22, 2017

Readers share their favorite Christmas memories

‘Silent, Holy Night’ brings back memories of mom’s association with Mary

Terry Daley

It all happened one quiet December evening. My mom, a young mother, and I were sitting on the couch waiting for Dad to come home from selling life insurance to a late dinner.

On the wall visible only by the light of a single lamp was a figurine of the Virgin Mary, blue veil, white gown, holding the Christ Child.

Mom broke the silence by singing “Silent Night.” “Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child, holy infant so tender and mild” took hold.

I easily associated Mom and me with Mary and child. Since Mom has been gone for a while, I have recalled the image and Mom’s singing with some sadness. But recently came a deeper understanding.

Archbishop Charles C. Thompson in his Dec. 8 column in The Criterion noted that Mary is bonded intimately with Jesus, “a sacred portal.”

As I compose this at night, the house is quiet—except for Christmas music softly playing on the radio. “Silent Night” has just begun. There is no sadness as I see again that figurine. I recall as noted in the same issue the devotion of the Mexican immigrants in Jackson, Miss., who place the Blessed Mother concretely in their lives.

Mindful of the power of the Memorare, I am reassured by the constancy of our “most gracious Virgin Mary,” the Mother of God, in our journey to him.

(Terry Daley is a member of Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ Parish in Indianapolis.)

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