August 4, 2017

My Journey to God

Be Still

Cook clean mow rake
Chore and chore upon the plate
Rush to work and rush to meetings
Time for quiet ever-fleeting
Working late, home even later
Pressure feeling ever greater
Need a clone to follow through
To do these things I have to …

Be still.
And know that I am God.”

Alarm clock blares, up late again
To spin the plates that I must spin
Hustle here and hustle there
Not a moment left to spare
Soccer practice music lessons
Baseball games and tryout sessions
Classroom Mom and Mass are just
A few more things I feel I must …

Be still.
And know that I am God.”

So for just ten minutes I try.

I stop.
I am still.
—And I rediscover God.

By Natalie Hoefer

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