July 21, 2017

Catholics in central and southern Indiana express hope for new archbishop

“I think it’s great. We’ve been without an archbishop for quite a while. He’s someone that we absolutely needed. He can guide us through these difficult times in our Church and our communities. That’s what we expect.”

—Enrique Hernandez, a member of St. Bartholomew Parish in Columbus

“I would like to tell Archbishop [Charles C.] Thompson congratulations on his new role, and I hope that his transition is going smoothly. I am praying for him and wishing him success with leading our Church community here in Indianapolis.

“The youth in the Catholic Church, when given the chance to be heard, can share new ideas or visions to either better the Church or gather more people to participate in the community.”

—Monica Higgins, a member of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish and a student at Father Thomas Scecina Memorial High School, both in Indianapolis

“I feel like our archdiocese has a lot of great things going on. Cardinal [Joseph W.] Tobin got a lot of good things started. I was sad to see him go, because he was such a powerful force. But I’m excited to see what new things can happen now that we have a new archbishop.

“I hope he encourages vocations and supports them. That’s a big thing for me. I love to see large ordinations. That’s the fruit of a lot of hard work. I would love to see that continue.”

—Lisa Roll, a member of St. Michael Parish in Bradford

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