June 9, 2017

Meet our future deacons

Steven Tsuleff

Steven TsuleffAge: 54
Wife: Kara
Home Parish: St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross Parish, Bright
Occupation: Commercial/Program Video Editor for WKRC TV in Cincinnati

Who are the important role models in your life of faith?

My dad Nick Tsuleff was a real important role model for me both in my faith and in how I live my life. He taught me to love, be respectful, kind, helpful and to always treat others how you want to be treated. He was the person of Jesus for me. My other role model is my spiritual director, Father Sean Danda.

What are your favorite Scripture verses, saints, prayers and devotions?

I really do not have any “favorite” Scripture verses, I just love reading Scripture. St. Teresa of Calcutta is someone I hold dear, especially in my ministry to the sick and homebound. Among my favorite prayers, in addition to the Liturgy of the Hours, are the Serenity Prayer and the Prayer of St. Francis.

Deacons often minister, formally or informally, to others in the workplace. How have you experienced that already and what do you anticipate doing in the future?

In my office I have a crucifix, a statue and an icon of Mary, a photo of St. John Paul II and a Bible. Anyone who enters my office knows that I am a follower of Christ. When asked about my faith, I speak freely about it and don’t hesitate to inform people that I am going through formation to become a permanent deacon.

Why do you feel that God is calling you to become a deacon?

I often ask myself the same question. I have no idea. All I know is that I constantly feel his presence directing me to do this. I have always wanted to help people, especially the sick and elderly. Perhaps it’s because I am open to Christ’s will, and will do what is needed to bring him to others. †

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