August 19, 2016


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BOWERS, Barbara, 89, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, July 13. Mother of Donna Ennis, Sharon and Dr. William Bowers. Grandmother of four.

BRADY, William, 84, Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jeffersonville, July 27. Father of Mary Gregory, Belinda Wright, Vicki and William Brady, Jr. Grandfather of four.

CALLAHAN, Rose E., 95, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, July 23. Sister of Margaret Callahan and Julia Looney. Aunt of several.

DEVALERIA, Jean P., 90, St. Pius X, Indianapolis, July 30. Wife of Herman DeValeria. Mother of Valerie, David, Patrick and Paul DeValeria. Grandmother of eight. Great-grandmother of two.

EHRINGER, Michael A., 69, St. John Paul II, Clark County, July 31. Husband of Margaret Ehringer. Father of Maria Begin, Michelle Martin and Marissa Ehringer. Brother of Teresa McInnis and Jane Wilson. Grandfather of seven.

HAUSER, Pamela S., 63, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, July 28. Wife of David Hauser. Mother of Katherine and Evan Hauser. Sister of Sandy Finkel and Wanda Hilty.

HENDERSON, Anna Mae, 85, St. Vincent de Paul, Bedford, Aug. 10. Mother of Theresa Grimitt, Lisa Mullinax, Gregory and Larry Henderson. Sister of Mary Cassidy and David Daugherty. Grandmother of five.

HERTEL, William A., 76, St. Louis, Batesville, Aug. 2. Husband of Joy Hertel. Father of Chuck, Eric and Mark Hertel. Stepfather of Kevin Driscoll. Brother of Pauline Bower and Barbara May. Grandfather of six. Step-grandfather of three. Great-grandfather of two.

HIRT, Cleopha A., 93, Holy Family, Oldenburg, Aug. 7. Mother of Doris McKee, Darlene, Donna, Denny and Richard Hirt. Sister of Pauline Gillman and Rosemary Stercz. Grandmother of 13. Great-grandmother of 10. Great-great-grandmother of one.

HOFF, Joseph H., 89, St. Louis, Batesville, Aug. 9. Brother of Edith and Franciscan Sister Irene Hoff. Uncle of several.

HORLANDER, George M., 80, Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jeffersonville, July 18. Husband of Linda Horlander. Father of Jeanie Dittmeier, Bill and David Horlander. Grandfather of four. Great-grandfather of four.

JOHNSON, Donald, 75, St. Mary, Richmond, July 27. Brother of Alice Boughner, Mary Owens, Jane Zuck, James and Perry Johnson. Uncle of several.

JOHNSON, Donald E., 85, St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower), Indianapolis, Aug. 6. Uncle of several.

JOHNSTON, Michael L., 74, St. Mary, Lanesville, Aug. 8. Fiancé of Kathy Daily. Father of Brian and Phillip Johnston. Brother of Kathleen Cook, Monica Thompson, Leda Townsend and Allan Schenneberger. Grandfather of four.

LITTEN, Diane (Cason), 81, St. Charles Borromeo, Bloomington, Aug. 3. Mother of Lori Cardinal, Lisa Gates, Carla Harvey, Larry and Todd Litten. Sister of Carol TeVault. Grandmother of 10. Great-grandmother of five.

LOBENSTEIN, Eugene E., 78, All Saints, Dearborn County, July 27. Husband of Anna Lobenstein. Father of Kim Callahan, Tina and Jeff Lobenstein. Brother of Donna Huffman and Joann Schapker. Grandfather of five. Great-grandfather of five.

NOBBE, Eugene O., 69, St. Mary, Greensburg, Aug. 10. Husband of Sharon Vonderheide. Father of Sarah Rohls, Dianna Slayten, Carrie Somers, Melinda and Kevin Nobbe. Brother of Marlene Meyer, Susan Munson, Delores Young, Betty, Herman, Leon, Robert and Walter Nobbe. Grandfather of 11.

NOEL, John G., 82, Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jeffersonville, July 26. Father of Barbara Chapman, Lisa Gill, Francis, Jamey and Leon Noel. Grandfather of 13. Great-grandfather of three.

PRULLAGE, Paul, 86, St. John the Apostle, Bloomington, July 30. Husband of Wanda Prullage. Father of Janis Polley, Beth Scucci, Paula Toth and Joe Prullage. Grandfather of nine.

QUINKERT, E. Ruth, 92, St. Mary, Lanesville, July 29. Mother of Sara Wiseman, Alan, Andy, Jack, Steve and Terry Quinkert. Sister of James Kochert. Grandmother of 10.

RAMSEY, Agnes B., 96, St. Paul, Tell City, Aug. 8. Mother of Carolyn Huff, Janet Lehr and Charlene Parker. Grandmother of 13. Great-grandmother of 37. Great-great-grandmother of nine.

REDELMAN, Benjamin I., 21, St. Mary, Greensburg, Aug. 1. Son of Richard and Jean Redelman. Brother of Emilie Redelman. Grandson of Owen and Florence Stoneking.

RICKE, Gilbert, 81, St. Mary, Greensburg, Aug. 3. Husband of Linda Ricke. Father of Kimberly Kastner, Anita Moeller and Sandy Welage. Brother of Marilyn Schroeder, Marlene Wolter and Will Ricke. Grandfather of nine.

SEIS, Robert M., 64, Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jeffersonville, July 22. Husband of Denise Seis. Father of Michael Seis. Son of Betty Seis. Brother of Linda Davis and Gary Seis.

SHALKOWSKI, Kurt R., 64, St. Simon the Apostle, Indianapolis, July 31. Husband of Mary Shalkowski. Father of Amy, Maria and Chris Shalkowski. Son of Ray and Ruth Shalkowski. Brother of Robin Firman, Annie Wuensch and Brian Shalkowski. Grandfather of 10.

STOLZ, Muriel D., 88, Our Lady of Lourdes, Indianapolis, Aug. 1. Mother of Donna Sembroski and Robert Stolz. Sister of Lorene Arkeketa and Roberta Miller. Grandmother of five. Great-grandmother of five.

SUTTMAN, Cletus H., 79, Holy Family, Oldenburg, Aug. 3. Husband of Norma Suttman. Father of Theresa Hooten, Anita Merkel, Carolyn Nobbe, Robin Weaver, Glenn and Cletus Suttman, David, Mark, Robert and Wayne Tingle. Brother of Clarissa Adams. Grandfather of 25. Great-grandfather of 22.

TUOHY, Mary V., 87, St. Luke the Evangelist, Indianapolis, July 19. Wife of J. Joseph Tuohy. Mother of Mimi O’Leary and Phil Tuohy. Sister of Bud Koschnick. Grandmother of five.

Franciscan Sister Mary Hautman ministered as an educator in Catholic schools for 30 years

Franciscan Sister Mary Laurel Hautman died on July 31 at the motherhouse of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis in Oldenburg. She was 80.

The Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated on Aug. 4 at the Motherhouse Chapel in Oldenburg. Burial followed at the sisters’ cemetery.

Mary Laurel Hautman was born on Oct. 16, 1935, in Cincinnati.

She entered the Sisters of St. Francis on Sept. 8, 1952, and professed final vows on Aug. 12, 1958.

During 63 years as a Sister of St. Francis, Sister Mary Laurel ministered as an educator for 30 years in Catholic schools in Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. In the archdiocese, she served at Holy Family School (now St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School) in Richmond from 1954-55. She later served as a pastoral associate at St. Bonaventure Parish in Cincinnati from 1987-96, and as co-director of the sisters’ communications office in Oldenburg from 1996-2002 before retiring from ministry in 2003.

Memorial gifts may be sent to the Sisters of St. Francis, P.O. Box 100, Oldenburg, IN 47036-0100. †

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