January 29, 2016

Catholic Schools Week Supplement

Student savors the bonds with classmates and Christ

By John Shaughnessy

Cliff DickmanAs one of 21 seniors at Seton Catholic High School in Richmond, Cliff Dickman savors the special bonds he has with his classmates.

“A lot of us have been together a long time,” says Cliff, who has been a part of Seton Catholic Schools since his pre-school days. “We’ve shared our Catholic faith, good times and a lot of memories. It’s going to be hard to leave here. The bond we’ve formed—I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.”

The 17-year-old member of St. Mary Parish in Richmond has the same feeling for the parochial school education he has received.

“My Catholic education has always been important to me,” Cliff says. “It’s instilled values and morals in me so I can interact with others and those in the community. Having Mass weekly is very important to me. And the prayer services we have get my thoughts deep into what Christ wants us to do. One of the messages Christ gives to each of us is to help others.”

Cliff has lived that message through a commitment to service, including preparing meals at a community food pantry for people in need.

His Catholic education has also had an impact on the three sports he plays at Seton—soccer, basketball and baseball.

“Catholic education plays a part in showing good sportsmanship, having a positive attitude and always working your hardest.

“The values I’ve learned here are values I’ll carry with me later. When you think of what Christ has done for me and everyone else in the world, it really hits me. My faith in Christ has led me to become a better person.” †

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