January 29, 2016


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AMLUNG, Raymond J., 57, St. Bartholomew, Columbus, Jan. 14. Husband of Alesia Amlung. Father of Michelle, Rachel and Joseph Amlung. Son of Nancy Amlung. Brother of Becky Blamer, Mary Ann Osterhage, Cindy Rich, Dan, Dara, David, Doug and Monty Amlung.

ANTONINI, Henry J., 87, Sacred Heart, Clinton, Jan. 7. Father of Ann Margaret and Henry Antonini. Grandfather of two.

BLACKWELL, David Michael, 86, Christ the King, Indianapolis, Jan. 11. Father of Julia Gugliuzza, Elizabeth, David Brian and Dr. David Michael Blackwell. Brother of Margo Kirby and Patty Lawless. Grandfather of two.

BRIDGEWATER, Joseph L., 85, Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Indianapolis, Jan. 12. Husband of Delores (Agnew) Bridgewater. Father of David, Gary, Paul, Robert and Stephen Bridgewater. Grandfather of 14. Great-grandfather of 28. Great-great-grandfather of one.

CAIN, Roger F., 53, St. Mary, Rushville, Jan. 13. Husband of Christie Cain. Father of Kisha Brumfield, Hillary and Niki Cain. Son of John Cain. Brother of Debbie Ripberger, Jerry and Mark Cain.

CARDE, Judge Manuel Joaquin, 83, St. Mark the Evangelist, Indianapolis, Jan. 12. Husband of Linda (Reed-Stavrou) Carde. Father of Carmen Biddle. Stepfather of Kyra Harris and Alex Stavrou. Stepson of Maria Luisa Martinez. Grandfather of two. Step-grandfather of seven.

DiSANTO, Judy (McFarland), 73, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, Jan. 13. Wife of James DiSanto. Mother of Jeffrey and Mike DiSanto. Grandmother of two.

EVANS, Wilbur L., 94, St. Barnabas, Indianapolis, Jan. 19. Father of Connie Covert, Pam Ryker and Tony Evans. Grandfather of eight. Great-grandfather of nine.

GROTHOUSE, Ralph, 95, St. Agnes, Nashville, Jan. 18. Husband of Christine Grothouse. Father of Sara VanDyke and Susan Rannochio. Grandfather of four.

HARTMAN, Esther, 88, All Saints, Dearborn County, Jan. 7. Mother of Amy Gilliam, Elaine Lockwood, Leta Shouse, David, Eric, Jim and Nick Hartman. Grandmother of 16. Great-grandmother of 18.

HOSKINS, Larry Eston, 65, St. Martin of Tours, Martinsville, Jan. 12. Husband of Milka Hoskins. Father of Adam, Eric, Larry and Shane Hoskins. Brother of Beverly Good and Steve Hoskins. Grandfather of 10.

JENKINS, Ruth D., 88, St. Mary, Rushville, Jan. 17. Mother of Annette Pychinka and James Ringenberg. Grandmother of three. Great-grandmother of five.

JOYCE, Thomas A., 93, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, Jan. 9. Husband of Betty Joyce. Father of Nikki Simpson and Kevin Joyce. Grandfather of five. Great-grandfather of eight.

MALCOLM, William A., 86, Our Lady of the Greenwood, Greenwood, Jan. 15. Husband of Lorraine (Walczak) Malcolm. Father of Lori Armstrong, Bonnie Ramion and Kathy Whitaker. Grandfather of six. Great-grandfather of four. Great-great-grandfather of one.

PARSLEY, Mary Jane (Kunkel), 60, St. Gabriel, Connersville, Jan. 13. Wife of Randall Parsley. Daughter of Helen Kunkel. Sister of Patty Inman, Betty Littrell and Jim Kunkel.

PUCKETT, Ronald Dean, 70, Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Indianapolis, Jan. 13. Husband of Karen Puckett. Father of Kim Davis. Brother of Earl, Ed, Larry, Mike, Paul and Terry Puckett. Grandfather of one.

ROGERS, Dorothy Virginia, 96, Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jeffersonville, Jan. 5. Mother of Kevin, Mark and Michael Rogers. Grandmother of nine. Great-grandmother of two.

ST. JOHN, Francis, 75, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, Jan. 9. Husband of Norma St. John. Father of Jill St. John-Archer and Steven St. John.

SHAUGHNESSY, Emma Louise, 93, SS. Francis and Clare of Assisi, Greenwood, Jan. 17. Mother of Anita Carney, Jane Whisner and Robert Powers. Grandmother of five. Great-grandmother of nine.

SPOONER, Arthur, 61, St. Roch, Indianapolis, Jan. 6. Father of Kristen Sanniec, Amelia, Natalie and Benjamin Spooner. Grandfather of two.

TAYLOR, Jean Kathleen, 84, St. Michael, Brookville, Jan. 17. Wife of Jeremy Taylor. Mother of Mary, Andrew, Gordon, Jeremy, Kent, Neal and William Taylor. Sister of Jerome and Stephen Weber. Grandmother of 11. Great-grandmother of one.

WEILER, Charles Otto, 78, St. Gabriel, Connersville, Jan. 12. Husband of Ann (Handley) Weiler. Father of Amanda Netter, David, John and Thomas Weiler. Grandfather of nine. Great-grandfather of two.

WENNING, Carl F., 83, St. Mary, Greensburg, Jan. 15. Husband of Marilyn Wenning. Father of Suzie Trujillo, Karla, Daniel and Roger Wenning. Brother of Rosemary Scheidler. Grandfather of nine. †

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