November 27, 2015


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BIERMAN, Thelma M., 87, St. Mary-of-the-Knobs, Floyd County, Nov. 13. Wife of Merrel Bierman. Mother of Janice Bezy, Marilyn Francke, Marcia Huth, Theresa Loftus, Jim, Joe and Tony Bierman. Grandmother of 20. Great-grandmother of 20.

BOUSLOG, James Thomas, Jr., 71, St. Anne, New Castle, Nov. 13. Husband of Pat (Mobley) Bouslog. Father of Veronica Brandenburg, Julie Mueller and Brian Bouslog. Brother of Joseph Bouslog. Grandfather of six.

D’ANGELO, Phillip DeFelice, 66, St. Augustine, Jeffersonville, Oct. 22. Father of Kathryn Shearer, Paul and Phillip D’Angelo II. Brother of Ida Crump and Frank D’Angelo. Grandfather of five.

DORREL, Kirby D., 76, St. Gabriel, Connersville, Nov. 15. Father of Kelly Gettinger. Brother of Keith Dorrel. Grandfather of two.

ELIAS, Dolores Ann, 82, St. Barnabas, Indianapolis, Nov. 16. Wife of Thomas Elias. Mother of Katie Cordell, Karen Szczepanski, Bob and Jim Elias. Grandmother of nine. Great-grandmother of two.

FAGAN, James Reynolds, 83, St. Charles Borromeo, Bloomington, Nov. 11. Husband of Lou Fagan. Father of Mary Butler, Elizabeth Funck, Debra and Dan Fagan. Grandfather of 11. Great-grandfather of two.

FUCHS, Carl, 89, St. Paul, Tell City, Nov. 9. Father of Jeannette Criss, Liz McCallister, Patty Rudolph, Dennis, James, Mike and Paul Fuchs Sr. Grandfather of 10. Great-grandfather of 21. Great-great-grandfather of five.

GELARDEN, Michael W., 64, St. Boniface, Fulda, Nov. 5. Husband of Pearl Gelarden. Father of Renee Alger, Laura Helmer and Kevin Gelarden. Son of Earl Gelarden. Brother of Dan, Jim and Mark Gelarden. Grandfather of five.

GETTELFINGER, Paul Vincent, 101, St. Joseph, Corydon, Nov. 9. Father of Marilyn O’Connor, Cathy Sherrod, Brian, David, Jerry, Louis, Richard, Ronald and Steve Gettelfinger. Grandfather of 14. Great-grandfather of 28.

GOSS, Mary Rita, 85, St. Mary, Lanesville, Nov. 11. Wife of Norman Goss. Mother of Ann Scrogham, Becky Shoemaker, Lisa Worden, Frank and Joe Goss Jr. Sister of Grace McClure, Mary Renig and Patricia Watkins. Grandmother of eight.

GROSSMAN, Albert N., 77, Holy Family, Oldenburg, Nov. 12. Husband of Viola (Schomber) Grossman. Father of Melissa Jones, Shannon Reeves, Brian, Darryl, Roger and Steve Grossman. Brother of Aima Carson, Mary Ann Maple, Rita Mae Robbins, Ruth Wager, Leonard, Martin and Raphael Grossman. Grandfather of 15. Great-grandfather of four.

GUYER, Vivian M., 95, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, New Albany, Nov. 17. Mother of Mary Forsee and John Guyer. Grandmother of three. Great-grandmother of six.

HAMMOND, Marjorie A., 82, St. Michael the Archangel, Indianapolis, Oct. 26. Mother of Marybeth Fehribach, Dennis, Murray and Robert Hammond. Sister of Judith and Dennis Yaggi. Grandmother of nine. Great-grandmother of five.

HUTT, Norma M., 93, Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jeffersonville, Nov. 13. Mother of Bob and Mike Hutt. Sister of Jane Coleman. Grandmother of four. Great-grandmother of five.

KENNEDY, Leila Iona, 70, St. Augustine, Jeffersonville, Oct. 18. Mother of Lorie Robinson, Leslie and Shawn Kennedy. Grandmother of six. Great-grandmother of two.

LEACH, Nancy, 79, St. Augustine, Jeffersonville, Sept. 28. Wife of William Leach. Mother of Sharon Armstrong, Deborah Browning and William Leach. Sister of William Orberson. Grandmother of four.

MOLINA, Mary E., 69, St. Augustine, Jeffersonville, Oct. 30. Wife of Angel Molina.

MORGAN, Rose Ann (Snyder), 67, St. Gabriel, Connersville, Nov. 7. Wife of Ken Morgan. Mother of Joseph and Paul Morgan. Sister of Dorothy King, Charlotte Raby, Ruth Ross, Genevieve, James, John and Norman Snyder. Grandmother of five.

OYLER, Theresa Margaret, 76, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, Nov. 6. Mother of five. Grandmother of seven. Great-grandmother of five.

STERGAR, Dorothy Grace (Marley), 83, St. Anthony, Indianapolis, Nov. 5. Mother of Susan Sheets, Edward and Michael Stergar. Sister of Anna Mae Pride, Claude and John Marley. Grandmother of five. Great-grandmother of one.

VANDERPOHL, Mary M., 91, Immaculate Conception, Millhousen, Nov. 11. Mother of Bernice Cook, Rita Cox, Kate Fry, Theresa Koester, Irvin Jr., Paul and Thomas Vanderpohl. Sister of Ruth Huguenard and Franciscan Sister Bernice Roell. Grandmother of 14. Great-grandmother of 18.

VISSING, Elizabeth Ann, 78, Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jeffersonville, Oct. 31. Wife of Bernie Vissing. Mother of Derek, Michael and Paul Vissing Jr. Sister of Brenda Hill. Grandmother of six. †

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