August 21, 2015

Letters to the Editor

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Be responsible, have a lifestyle that promotes good health, reader says

This letter is in response to Archbishop Joseph W. Tobin’s column, “Health care is a basic human right, not a privilege,” which appeared in the Aug. 7 issue of The Criterion.

Health care may be a basic human right, but with rights come responsibilities.

Responsible individuals must be stewards of their own “temple.” They cannot rely on finite resources to cure them. I submit that humans lessen their need for health care by eating responsibly, exercising adequately, and abstaining from all harmful substances.

If everyone was responsible and took care of their “temple,” the issue of health care being a right would be significantly reduced.

It is vital to recall that with every choice comes responsibility. Not taking care of our body does normally come with consequences. God may be working to teach us a lesson.

How far do we go to provide health care, for example, $100,000 for an operation for one person, or using this amount on vaccines or education for 100,000 people to have health care?

We will bankrupt the country if we believe that all people have a right to basic (to be defined) health, or every amputee has the newest electronic prosthesis.

I submit a health savings plan with assistance for those with limited funds be implemented. Possibly we would financially experience the value of basic health and its cost. There is a limited supply of personal money—our government just prints more.

We must be responsible for our own health care, with a personal budget we control, and a lifestyle that supports good health.

- Pete Magnant | Mooresville

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