August 7, 2015


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BAILEY, Jack L., 85, St. Anne, New Castle, July 24. Husband of Martha (Garvey) Bailey. Father of Marisa Anderson and Kim Fowler. Brother of Mary Flynn. Grandfather of three. Great-grandfather of one.

BECHT, James E., 65, St. Gabriel, Connersville, Feb. 21. Husband of Phyllis (Wiley) Becht. Father of John Becht. Grandfather of two.

BISH, Tracey, 49, Christ the King, Indianapolis, July 16. Wife of Mark Bish. Mother of Rachel Bish. Daughter of Robert Williams. Sister of Amy Hayes, Karen Neligh and Scott Williams.

CAREL, Elsie Evline (McCamment), 99, St. Mary, Greensburg, July 12. Mother of Linda McGinn and Larry McCamment. Stepmother of Jerry and William Carel. Sister of Robert Black. Grandmother of five. Great-grandmother of seven.

CARTWRIGHT, Alice, 103, Holy Family, New Albany, July 19. Aunt of several.

DRUMMOND, Roseanne Mary, 89, St. Mark the Evangelist, Indianapolis, July 28. Mother of Trina Drummond and Sharon Miles. Grandmother of five. Great-grandmother of one.

FETTER, Carol Jean, 70, St. Meinrad, St. Meinrad, July 10. Mother of Debbie Buechler, Lisa Dale, Brenda Messmer, Denise Palmer, Mark and Tim Fetter. Sister of Roberta Chapman, David, Gilbert Jr., Frank, Jim, Pat and Robert Lindauer. Grandmother of 17. Great-grandmother of one.

FINKBINER, Mary Ellen, 98, St. Luke the Evangelist, Indianapolis, July 14. Mother of Mary Ann Roberts and Charles Finkbiner.

GARDNER, Suzanne (Rand), 94, St. Mark the Evangelist, Indianapolis, July 23. Mother of Rebecca Clancy, Mary Kelley, Laurel Thompson, James, Patrick and Ralph Gardner Jr. Grandmother of 18. Great-grandmother of 23.

GRACE, Thomas Theodore, Jr., 78, St. Joseph, Corydon, July 6. Husband of Hattie Jane (Fox) Grace. Father of Michele Coyle, Cynthia Jones and Victoria McGuire. Brother of Barbara Thorpe. Grandfather of 10. Great-grandfather of one.

HAMILTON, Carolyn S., (Campbell), 80, Good Shepherd, Indianapolis, July 19. Mother of Angela Majino, Elizabeth Swiezy and Michael Hamilton. Sister of Mary Wilson, Joseph, Michael and Phillip Campbell. Grandmother of six. Great-grandmother of nine.

HARRIS, Ronald D., 71, St. Joseph, Corydon, July 17. Husband of Diana (Beckort) Harris. Father of Kelly Green, Rhonda Harris and Darren Bennett. Brother of Arlene Pool and Eudell Pickett. Grandfather of four.

HAYDEN, Elizabeth M., 77, St. Joseph, Corydon, July 17. Wife of James Hayden. Mother of Gary and Gregory Hayden. Grandmother of two.

HEEKE, Anna M., 98, St. Martin of Tours, Siberia, July 20. Mother of Alberta Hanners, Rita and Rosemary LaGrange, Shirley Sullivan, Daniel, Francis, Jim and Patrick Heeke. Grandmother of 35. Great-grandmother of 77. Great-great-grandmother of 14.

HUBER, Joseph H., III, 60, St. John the Baptist, Starlight, July 27. Father of Jenna Clem, Terra Mahan and Joseph Huber IV. Son of Bonnie (Kruer) Huber. Brother of Beverly Engleman, Kimberly Kaiser, Charles and Lewis Huber. Grandfather of five.

KAISER, Alice M., 97, St. Michael, Brookville, July 20. Mother of Jane Deutsch, Mary Jordan, Angela Ruf and Paul Kaiser. Grandmother of 12. Great-grandmother of nine.

KANIZER, Martha Marie, 87, Sacred Heart, Clinton, July 22. Mother of Mary Milligan and Joseph Kanizer. Grandmother of seven. Great-grandmother of 15. Great-great-grandmother of three.

KINDER, David L., 78, St. John Paul II, Clark County, July 20. Husband of Charlotte Kinder. Father of Michele Brown and Beth Hanner. Brother of James Kinder. Grandfather of four.

KIRTLEY, Stephen Lee, 74, St. Mary-of-the-Knobs, Floyd County, July 23. Husband of Terry (Thompson) Kirtley. Father of Stephanie Hubler and Marcus Kirtley. Stepfather of Maurice Thompson. Brother of Cheryl Goedeker, Mike, Pat and Ronald Anderson. Grandfather of six. Great-grandfather of one.

KNUE, Neill B., 98, St. Lawrence, Lawrenceburg, July 23. Father of Elizabeth Loh, Geoff, Paul and Ted Knue. Grandfather of nine. Great-grandfather of seven.

McCARTY, Frances R., 84, St. Joseph, Corydon, July 27. Wife of Denny McCarty. Mother of Brian McCarty. Sister of Margaret Coakley, Helen Richmer, Elsie, James and Paul Mason. Grandmother of two. Great-grandmother of five.

McKINLEY, Rebecca Jane (Porter), 88, St. John Paul II, Clark County, July 15. Mother of Cheryl, Anthony, Michael, Robert and Timothy McKinley. Grandmother of six. Great-grandmother of 11. Great-great-grandmother of six.

McMAHON, Eileen L., 93, Christ the King, Indianapolis, July 22. Mother of Joan Wiltshire, Daniel, Kevin and Timothy McMahon. Grandmother of six. Great-grandmother of four.

MERSMANN, Patricia Jean, 80, St. Mary, Lanesville, July 28. Mother of Jan Portman, Jeff and Jim Mersmann. Sister of Carolyn Carter, Phyllis Emerson and Denis Thomas. Grandmother of nine. Great-grandmother of one.

OLIVOTTO, Michael A., 66, St. Pius X, Indianapolis, July 25. Husband of Nancy Olivotto. Father of Kelley Williams. Brother of Kathy Olivotto. Grandfather of two.

ROEHM, Martha N., 90, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, New Albany, July 19. Sister of Patty Cox.

RUSSELL, Donita M. (Struewing), 58, St. Gabriel, Connersville, March 16. Wife of Bill Russell. Mother of Jodie Bulmer, Bobbie Lafollette, Billie Koger and Allan Russell. Stepmother of Sindy Ailes. Sister of John Struewing. Stepsister of Dottie Adams. Grandmother of five. Step-grandmother of one.

SEUFERT, Betty J., 71, St. Michael, Brookville, July 19. Sister of Shirley, Cletus and Tom Seufert.

SMITH, Christine A., 61, St. Vincent de Paul, Bedford, July 2. Wife of David Smith. Mother of Emily and Patrick Smith. Sister of Alice, Charles and Richard Buchanan.

THORP, Rose Marie, 82, St. Gabriel the Archangel, Indianapolis, July 27. Mother of Therese Elder, Lisa Frazier and Anne-Marie Thorp. Sister of Janet Nehls and Alice Woodruff. Grandmother of three.

WITHEM, Charles A., 83, St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower), Indianapolis, July 25. Father of Cynthia Hutton, Karen Rogers and Tracy Russell. Brother of Jack Withem. Grandfather of three. Great-grandfather of five.

WRIGHT, Mary M., 62, St. Joseph, Corydon, June 18. Daughter of Barbara Neafus. Sister of Jimmy and Kevin Neafus.

YOUNT, Patricia M., 89, Holy Cross, Indianapolis, June 29. Mother of Kris Bigelow, Sharron Caudill, Pat Tice, Billy, Bob and Mike Yount. Grandmother of 12. Great-grandmother of 19. Great-great-grandmother of one. †

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