July 31, 2015

Letters to the Editor

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Providence Sister Alexa Suelzer also contributed to New Jerome Biblical Commentary

Your fine obituary on Providence Sister Alexa Suelzer in the July 10 issue of The Criterion failed to mention her 1990 article/contribution to the New Jerome Biblical Commentary, chapter 69, titled “Modern Old Testament Criticism.”

As I had her for one graduate course at Saint Mary of the Woods, she was the woman of elegance.

In our correspondence, especially on the term “Son of Man” in Daniel, she was gracious and most helpful. I remember the glee in her eye when she spoke of those “Germans,” Scripture scholars of the 19th century.

She reminded us that most biblical scholarship began with the Protestants as Pius X was opposed to “modernism.” Pius XII opened biblical scholarship only in my lifetime with “Divino Afflante Spiritu” in 1943. And with joy I continue to study the Scriptures.

Thank you, Sister Alexa!

- Norbert P. Schott | Roachdale


Story on centenarian ‘is the kind of journalism the world needs,’ reader says

I want to compliment John Shaughnessy and the editors for a terrific job on the front-page story in the July 17 issue of The Criterion on 103-year-old Tom Horn of Jeffersonville.

The article is exceptionally well-written, and its message to us as Catholics was subtle but very clear. This is the kind of journalism the world needs.

Thank you.

- Philip T. Hendershot | Louisville, Ky.

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