May 1, 2015

Letters to the Editor

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Instead of cutting money to social programs, congressman needs to bring more and better paying jobs to state

In the April 17 issue of The Criterion, Rep. Todd Rokita wrote to express his objection to comments made in a prior issue regarding the cutting of social program dollars from the U.S. budget. He talks a good story, but when we continue to cut these social programs that have as their goal to help the poor to be lifted out of poverty, then it is only a story with no help.

As usual, Congress wants to balance the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable Americans. Where is the mercy preached by Jesus in this?

On page 14 of the same issue of The Criterion, state Sen. Veneta Becker states “that 69-71 percent of all jobs in Indiana do not pay a living wage.” So, as the Congress cuts the very programs for those who need them so desperately, where are these working poor going to turn?

I would expect Rokita, as a congressman, to look beyond the Republican/Democrat problems in Washington, D.C., and do something through his contacts from across this country to bring more and better paying jobs to Indiana. When this is done, then, and only then, will it make sense to cut social programs.

The congressman should quit worrying about critics, and start working to help the very people who elected him and pay his very good salary with great benefits. Those working poor voted for him. Now he needs to find a way to help them other than cutting programs they depend on to supplement their meager incomes.

- Jean Milharcic | Indianapolis

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