October 10, 2014

Letters to the Editor

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‘Pray, pray, pray’ to combat spiritual warfare that we face

On Sept. 21, Oklahoma City officials allowed the abomination of a “black mass” to be held in its civic center. Five days later, an innocent 54-year-old grandmother was brutally beheaded near the same city.

Do we not see the connection?

As a nation, we must wake up to the fact that we are engaged in spiritual warfare as never before. Things unheard of when I was growing up, evils inspired by Satan himself, have today become the new “normal.”

As an American people, it’s normal that we sinfully allow thousands of children to be butchered by abortion every day. It’s normal that we sinfully allow a large percentage of our populace to live in poverty. It’s normal that pornography and sexual promiscuity are not only tolerated, but sinfully celebrated.

It’s normal that the overwhelming majority of Americans sinfully look to be entertained on Sunday instead of giving time in worship to God. And it’s normal that we now sinfully allow “marriage” to exist between persons of the same sex in a growing number of states.

The problems of this nation do not stem from economic, political or social issues. They stem from our sins. And with the exception of a few courageous voices, the priests, bishops, pastors and ministers of America have been shamefully silent in warning us of God’s judgment.

But God has been desperately and mercifully trying to wake us up. For the past 100 years, he has been sending his Blessed Mother Mary, who has consistently called upon us to repent and offer sacrifice in reparation for our sins.

In recent years, her messages have become more frequent and urgent. And still we ignore her, and thus ignore God.

In Fatima in 1917, Mary taught us to pray, “Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of thy mercy.”

As a people, we must respond. A storm is now upon us. As Mary exhorts, “Pray, pray, pray.”

- Mike Nygra | Brownsburg

Despite changes in governance, some still feel neglected, reader says

In the Sept. 19th issue of The Criterion, I read the story about the “changes” taking place in archdiocesan governance, and it stated “those folks that are living in the suburbs of Cincinnati … can and have felt neglected.”

We still do—unless boundaries have changed. We are still in the Batesville Deanery that remains under Indianapolis. We are 20 minutes from Cincinnati.

- J.D. Moritz | Aurora

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