June 20, 2014

Letters to the Editor

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Are there valid reasons for couples who have ‘intentionally childless marriages?’

Pope Francis’ comment in the article “Pope blames ‘culture of comfort’ for intentionally childless marriages” in the June 6th edition of The Criterion seems out of character for a pope who does not want to judge people.

I wonder how many intentionally childless couples he has talked to in order to make such a statement? To say that childless couples think that “a carefree life of world travel and summer homes is better than having children” seems  unfounded when many couples choose not to have children because of concerns about overpopulation. Or because they feel psychologically, emotionally or spiritually unequipped to raise children. Or because they have seen firsthand child abuse and neglect that results from people having unwanted children. Or because they see  dedication to a career in medicine, research, social service or another area as incompatible with raising children.

As many married couples have learned, marriage can be “fruitful” in many different ways by sharing their life and love with others in varied circumstances other than procreation.

Perhaps there are some couples who are “intentionally childless” because they want freedom from responsibility, big homes and vacations, but should we not give the benefit of the doubt that there may be very valid reasons for remaining childless?

- Helen Welter | Indianapolis

Column shows child who is wise beyond his years, reader says

Please, please, please express my thanks to Patti Lamb for her “It’s All Good” column in the June 6 issue of The Criterion.

But most of all, express my praise for her son, Henry, who is wise beyond his years, an obvious product of his upbringing. What a comment by him to his sister Margaret!

Proverbs 22:6 reads, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Obviously, Patti has trained. I expect she will continue to see the fruits of her labor and many will benefit from it—including Henry’s sister!

Amen and kudos to her!

- Dick Sturniolo | Danville

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