May 2, 2014

Letters to the Editor

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Columnist shares firsthand knowledge about being a widower

Bill Dodds had an excellent column on the Perspectives page in the April 11th edition of The Criterion. He obviously has firsthand knowledge of what being a widower means.

I agree with him—tears don’t scare me anymore.

Good job!

- Jayne Schalk | Corydon

Social justice advocates, first and foremost, must support the unborn

I am writing to reply to the letter to the editor in the April 25 issue of The Criterion.

The letter writer stated that President Barack Obama has a similar sense of social justice to Pope Francis. I unequivocally disagree with that point of view.

President Obama’s actions have indeed been louder than his words. His unwillingness to advocate for the unborn loudly signals his lack of compassion and lack of social justice for our most vulnerable.

Supporting abortion and pro-abortion advocates with actions and rhetoric should be enough for anyone of any faith to denounce a political candidate. If we cannot support our unborn, I don’t trust our politicians and government to be able to deliver on any significant social justice efforts.

I pray for people of faith to take a firm, supportive stance for pro-life efforts.

- Martha Rardin | Indianapolis

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