March 28, 2014

Letters to the Editor

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The Church must use its resources to inform, educate the faithful, reader says

I was beginning to write an overlong essay on practical ways for the Church to care for the poor in the United States and abroad, but I will simply make a few observations, based on my own experiences:

The Church desires to provide superior education to children. The Church has an obligation to care for the poor.

However, despite vouchers and scholarships, Catholic schooling is still prohibitively expensive for millions of families. This discourages parents from being open to more children, making it easier for them to ignore the Church’s teaching on sexuality. This dovetails with my next observation.

The Church has taught and will always teach that each sexual act must be consistent with the purpose and meaning of sex. Therefore, contraception is sinful.

Parents must also take into consideration their financial situation and, if necessary, space their children in accordance with God’s law (i.e. natural family planning or NFP).

However, dioceses seem to make little effort to hire or appoint people to educate married couples. Parishes may, perhaps, have an NFP class once a year, or bury resources beneath some less offensive pamphlets.

There are resources out there, but what about those lacking access or whom simply have never been informed?

These are two observations and very broad glosses, but I do think they accurately reflect reality.

I know I need to do more myself to help others beyond praying for them or tossing money in a basket.

Ora et labora, friends.

- Scott Embry | New Albany

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