January 24, 2014

Letters to the Editor

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Let your representative and senator know that you support traditional marriage

If you support traditional marriage as between one man and one woman, you need to take action now—not next month or next year. Now!

You can visit, call, write, or e-mail your senator and your representative and express your views that a marriage is between one man and one woman.

The phone number for the Indiana House of Representatives is 800-382-9842 or 317-232-9600. For senators, the number is 800-382-9467 or 317-232-9400. Call and ask to speak to your senator or representative.

To e-mail, log on to in.gov and scroll down to find your legislator and express your comments.

Take action now before it is too late!

- Rose M. Gauck | Milan

State’s actions will not affect sacramentality of marriage in Catholic Church, reader says

In my opinion, it is unfortunate that the Indiana Catholic Conference has voiced its support of the proposed amendment to the Indiana Constitution regarding marriage.

“Same-sex” marriage is already prohibited by law in Indiana. The proposed amendment is divisive and unnecessary.

The pastoral statement released in December by our bishops on this topic stated that “It is not within the power of either the Church or the state to redefine marriage because God is the author.”

However, historically the state has redefined marriage numerous times. Allowing interracial marriage, banning polygamy, prohibiting marriage among family members and defining common law marriage are some simple examples.

What the state does regarding marriage in the secular world does not affect the sacramentality of marriage within the Church.

- Alan Mytty | Indianapolis

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