July 26, 2013

Letters to the Editor

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Amid discussion of academic standards, keep priority on faith, reader says

In the July 19, 2013 issue of The Criterion, Gina Fleming provides a good summary of the Common Core Implementation and the success of the Archdiocesan schools in academics.

I attended Catholic schools from first grade through college and received a tremendous education. I was blessed with fine academic institutions and kind, caring, professional teachers. My parents chose Catholic schools for me because of the faith-filled environment which fostered a safe, loving atmosphere.

As parents today choose schools for their children, there are many more options. Many school districts have excellent public and private schools in which children also thrive and perform very well academically.

As a Catholic community, we need to be vigilant to keep our focus on what truly makes us different from the other schools. It’s our faith.

The test scores, the awards and accolades, the graduation rates and college acceptances are wonderful but providing our children with a loving, faith-filled, nurturing and learning environment which promotes respect and dignity is non-negotiable.

- Stephen O’Neil, M.D. | Indianapolis

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