May 24, 2013

Letters to the Editor

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When do we become a human being?

It is perhaps a sad indicator of the depth of the moral swamp into which we have descended that recently Marc Thiessen of the American Enterprise Institute found it necessary to argue that a baby born alive after a failed abortion attempt should be spared execution at that point.

Lest one thinks that Thiessen is making an unnecessary argument, he cites the recent gruesome statistic of at least seven born alive infants murdered by Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

Even more disturbing was Thiessen’s citing of two bioethicists who argue that if the attempted abortion was somehow “ethically permissible,” then the post-delivery murder of the infant should be also.

In such cases, they point out the term “infanticide” is inappropriate because the “moral status” of that particular infant is only comparable to that of a fetus. The utter moral depravity of their position goes beyond words.

The key issue here, of course, is the question of when a human life begins. Arbitrary and conflicting legal and moral arguments regarding this issue have swirled around ever since the horribly misguided 1973 Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision in which seven unelected men decided that a “right to privacy” somehow justified the killing of a human being in the womb.

It is almost impossible to understand how the highest court in the land could so easily trump the most fundamental right of all—the right to life—without seriously confronting the equally fundamental question of when human life actually begins.

Ultimately, the only way out of the current “culture of death” is for this nation to accept the full implication of divine and natural law, and accept that each unique human life is created by God at the moment of conception for reasons that only God fully understands.

I salute constitutional amendment efforts under way in several states to recognize personhood at conception, and urge citizens of this state to strongly support such efforts.

Surely this nation—blessed beyond any others by God—must confront and put an end to the abominable stain of homicide in the womb.

- Dr. David A. Nealy | Greenwood

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