May 24, 2013

My Journey to God

Called by Name

Traveling along life’s highway
My life seems complete—
A loving family, a beautiful home,
A job secure. Who could ask for more?

And yet—why this feeling that
Intrudes upon my complacency
Without regard for time or place?
What is it trying to tell me?

At last—I realize that it is you, Lord,
Softly calling my name,
Inviting me to share a closer relationship
With you through your holy Church.

After learning more about you
And the graces you give,
With great joy I received you into my heart
And became one with you and all creation.

By Hilda Buck

(Hilda Buck is a member of St. Lawrence Parish in Lawrenceburg. She wrote this poem after the husband of a granddaughter was received into the Church at Easter.)

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